Guitar & Bass

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Zak has played the guitar for over 9 years and classical guitar technique for over 5 and has been teaching for over 5 years. Zak has a degree from Judson University where he performed, among others, for the Judson Guitar Ensemble and continues his own training both guitar and piano. He has played piano for several years with 3 years of piano study at Judson University.

His passion is music…….and it shows.  He is fun, compassionate and a great communicator, and we are happy to have him back at MECA after a short hiatus while he explored the West coast of America. Zak prides himself in establishing a strong chemistry with his students.


Zak also teaches piano and vocal.

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(Beginning - Intermediate Guitar)

Samantha is a graduate of St. Charles East where she participated in the music department's programs and has been teaching at MECA for over a year. She was enrolled in AP Music Theory and was a member of the Chorale. Samantha is a recent graduate of Elmhurst College and continues to teach and perform locally, so we are overjoyed to have her as a continued member of our teaching family.  She also plays in her own band performing often around the area.

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​Bobby has played guitar for over 11 years and has taught over 5 years. In addition to playing the guitar, he loves to play soccer, video games, spend time on the computer and watch movies. Bobby has studied music with Fareed Haque at Northern Illinois University.  Some of his favorite bands include Rush, Metallica, Dream Theater, Yes, and Spock’s Beard.

Bobby also teaches ukulele.

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(Beginning Guitar)

Terin picked up the guitar in 2010 and has been playing (lessons at MECA) and refining her skills ever since and is bringing her skill-set to MECA as a beginning guitar teacher.  She attends St. Charles North where she was chosen to play guitar as a member of the jazz workshop.


Terin has a broad taste of music ranging from country to pop to classic rock…….or any other genre you can think of. She has participated in MECA Creates and has become an active member of our young teacher team. Terin is gifted (like her musical siblings) and just plain rocks.


(Beginning Guitar)


Brent is a 2019 graduate of St. Charles North high school and currently attends the University of Iowa.  He picked up a guitar in 2010 and has been practicing (lessons at MECA) and refining his skills ever since and is bringing his skill-set to MECA as a beginning guitar teacher. While at St. Charles North, he auditioned and was chosen for IMEA Jazz Rhythm Section and in 2016, was chosen for the St. Charles North Jazz Workshop. Brett is all music – spends his free time creating music using Pro Logic and playing. He has participated in MECA Creates and has been an active member of our young teacher team since 2016…passing on advice and his musical skill.


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