Drums & Percussion

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Brent holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance (Cum Laude) from Northwestern University. He also earned a Masters of Music Performance from the University of Illinois - where he is currently working on his Doctorate of Musical Arts. His performance credentials are extensive, covering drum set, pit orchestra, percussion, and recording studios. Brent uses this experience in the lesson room basing his lessons on performance. All of Brent's students will enjoy a personalized lesson plan specific to their drumming and percussion goals backed by his vast experience and extended education. 


Aaron is a multi-faceted percussionist as well as pianist. His study of music has taken him down many paths.  Aaron obtained his Music Education and Music Performance degrees at the University of Kentucky.  This was followed by a Master's program in World Music Performance at Northern Illinois University. Aaron's passion towards learning the music of different cultures has resulted in studies and performances in many countries around the world. His life was changed for the better through music and the schooling of his teachers and he strives to do the same for all of his students.  He is excited to be teaching a variety of instruments at MECA and working with wonderful students and families in our community.

Aaron also teaches beginning & intermediate piano lessons and steel drum.


Fred has been playing drums for over 8 years and is a 2019 graduate of Genoa-Kingston High School. In high school, he played percussion in marching band, jazz band, pit orchestra and even started his own rock band. During high school, Fred made the ILMEA district jazz band 3 years in a row and was awarded GK High’s Louis Armstrong Jazz Award upon graduation. Fred brings skill, fun and enthusiasm to his teaching and encourages his students to reach for the next level.  MECA is proud to have Fred as one of our teachers.  

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